We understand these difficult times and want to assure you that we will provide our relentless support while advocating for your children’s needs.

Child Support Guidelines and Considerations:

  • Consider parents income
  • Number of minor children shared
  • Your parenting shared time
  • Necessary day care services and medical insurance paid for by each parent

When calculating the child support obligation, it is very important to have accurate information about the incomes and expenses. Every case is different and there are special circumstances which allow the courts to deviate from the regular child support guideline amount.

Can I Modify Child Support?

Court-ordered child support is often the subject of modification actions. Child support can be modified when there is a substantial change in circumstances. Most often, the change is a significant increase or decrease in the income of one of the parents, a significant change in the time sharing of the parents, or a significant change in the expenses or needs of a child or children. In some circumstances, the courts may modify the arrangement to require a parent to pay for tutoring or for private school tuition or for unequal share of the extracurricular activities.

Reasonable Requests of Child Custody Modifications Include:

  • Sole custody, more time-sharing due to adverse parent behavior of other, etc.
  • Relocating with your child/children
  • Conflict with custodial parent’s relocation petition
  • All other conflicting evidence in regard to the prime interest of child/children