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Brady Law Firm, P.A., represents both victims of domestic violence and those accused of domestic violence. These matters are civil matters and are also commonly referred to as restraining order actions.

In Florida, the legal term for a civil restraining order is an “Injunction Against Repeat Domestic Violence”. Generally, in order for the courts to grant a long-term restraining order, the victim must demonstrate that he/she has a reasonable fear that future serious imminent bodily harm will occur if the court does not protect them.

Filing a Temporary Injunction

Filing for an initial domestic violence injunction requires you and/or your child has been physically abused or threatened with domestic violence.

Once claims of domestic violence are legally sufficient, the judge can grant the temporary injunction. A permanent injunction must be scheduled within (15) days for a hearing on the merits of the case to proceed. A temporary injunction can also lead to contact restrictions if children are involved and restrictions on financial matters.

Temporary injunctions often require the alleged abuser to:

  • Refrain from contact with the spouse/partner petitioning
  • Evacuate the home

Filing a Permanent Injunction

After the (15) days of filing for a temporary domestic violence is granted, a permanent injunction hearing is held to determine the proceeds.

Judges are particular when granting permanent injunctions. For this reason, custody, visitation, and divorce proceedings are looked at with caution. Proof of abuse and/or threats must be presented to the court.

The lawyers and staff at Brady Law Firm, P.A., are dedicated to helping clients understand their rights and it is important options when seeking an injunction or when defending against the allegations. Our staff and lawyers believe that any domestic violence cannot be tolerated but we also realize that there are instances where men and women are wrongly accused of domestic violence. We stand by our clients and represent them through the entire process including the initial hearing and subsequent modifications of the injunction.