Protect Your Property & Your Future

At Brady Law Firm, PA., we are here to help you face the unforeseen reality of these events.

Many of our clients have worked hard for their educations, careers, and their assets. We assure you that those milestones that you have accomplished will remain in the limelight. Choosing Brady Law Firm, P.A., is wise when preparing for the next steps in this process that will lead to endless possibilities.

Ways to Properly Prepare

  • Enter into a pre-marital/prenuptial agreement before marriage
  • Enter into a post-marital agreement following marriage

The goal is to protect the assets that a person owned before marriage and may also establish rights to assets and earnings acquired during marriage.

Marital agreements may also address the issues of alimony in the event of a divorce and typically place limits on the duration and on the amount of alimony. Entering into such agreements does not mean that spouses or future spouses do not love or trust one another. An agreement means that the person is aware of life’s realities and removes much of the uncertainty. At Brady Law Firm, we do not view such agreements as “unromantic” or “insensitive” but rather as practical planning tools.

The lawyers at Brady Law Firm will take you through each step in preparing the appropriate agreement which uniquely protects you and achieves your goals.