We assist our clients and navigate them through complex and personal issues often involved in a divorce such as:

  • Child custody and time-sharing
  • Child support
  • Co-parenting
  • Alimony
  • Distribution of assets/debts

We realize that this process can be emotionally draining and infringe on your pocket. For that, we are dedicated to weathering the storm with our clients and aim to achieve favorable results in a cost-effective manner. Communication is the key to determining and focusing on our clients’ goals and priorities. We do this by understanding what is important to our clients by creating a specific plan for success.

Not all divorces are complex and painful. Some divorces are “simple” or “uncontested” and these matters require less time and less legal fees to resolve. When the incomes and assets of the parties are clear, issues such as child support, alimony and property distribution are less complicated. Of course, in matters where these issues are unclear or where the other spouse is attempting to conceal or distort the true income or values, additional legal or forensic accounting efforts may be necessary to pinpoint the true income of the spouse or to identify assets or the real values of assets. The lawyers and staff of Brady Law Firm, P.A., are experienced in handling each of these scenarios. Attorneys’ fees and costs are a central issue.

Divorce FAQ’s

Is Florida a No-Fault Divorce State?
Yes. It is not required to have a specific reason in which a client should not proceed with obtaining a divorce from a spouse. It takes a few months to finalize an uncontested divorce versus obtaining a contented divorce, which entails a lengthier process.

Does a Divorce Cost Tons?
Does not have to be. The cost is dependent on the following:

  • Court fees
  • Filing fees
  • Attorney fees

Contact Brady Law Firm, P.A., to speak with our attorneys to explain your situation and to find out how we can assist you.

Is the Divorce Process Long?
Each divorce case is unique and proposes challenges. With our assistance, we attempt to make this process as easy for the client as possible, but pricing depends on each individual case.

Do I Need to Be Separated to Get A Divorce?
No. It is required that only one or both of the parties filing for divorce has resided in Florida for a minimum of (6) months. There is a (20) day waiting period before facing a court for finalization.

We Are Here to Help You

We believe that a divorce should not cost our clients all that they have earned or saved. A divorce should not sink them deep into debt. Depending upon the circumstances, early efforts to settle a case such a confidential Mediation or settlement conference may be appropriate. A settlement can avoid expensive and lengthy litigation. But you can rest assured that our team will be prepared to protect and advance your rights at trial.